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We service all the neighborhoods of Creve Couer MO. A lot of companies type up a list of services to make them sound good. But STL Pest Control takes your families and employees safety seriously, while providing extremely effective pest control treatments. Take for instance our Wall and Void Treatment. We were one of the first pest companies in the Creve Couer 63146 area to offer this kind of “environment friendly” service. We were “Green” before “Green” was popular! The truth is that STL Pest Control is committed to providing the best pest and termite control service in the Creve Couer 63146 area. We are constantly researching new and better ways to service your needs. But our emphasis has always been on safety. Safety for our customers and safety for the environment. Safety and effectiveness are what our reputation is built on. Call us today at 314-833-6222.

Certified Applicators and ACE Entomologist available on Staff – It’s fairly easy to get into the pest control business. That’s why there are hundreds of pest companies in the St. Louis and Creve Couer 63146. But few companies can match our expertise. We employ more certified applicators and licensed technicians than most pest companies. So however big or tough the problem is, STL Pest Control can handle it. From basic pest control all the way to structural fumigations, we have the expertise, the contacts and the Academic ability to take it on. Whatever It Takes and that is what we do to build a reputation for providing timely and excellent service, and for standing behind our services with a complete money back guarantee. We also train pest control technicians and company owners and provide a complete chemical and product distribution division. It is a leadership position within the pest control industry that simply places you our customer first. We’ll do Whatever It Takes to keep you totally satisfied with us. That’s our promise to you.

The name crève cœur is said to derive from Creve Coeur Lake. According to the city’s website the tale goes that the lake “formed itself into a broken heart” after an Indian princess’s unrequited love for a French fur trapper led her to jump “from a ledge overlooking” the lake. Written accounts and archaeological finds show that Native Americans inhabited the Creve Coeur area from 9500 B.C. to 1800 A.D. French explorers began farming and fishing in the area in the early 18th century, and fur trappers settled there in the early 19th century. When the area was acquired by the United States through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the Lewis and Clark Expedition came through Creve Coeur. During the American Civil War, men from the area served on both sides of the conflict, but most residents were southern sympathizers.

Creve Coeur was incorporated in 1949. Although there are cabins that are more than 200 years old (including two still in Conway Park) in the community, it grew primarily as a stopping point along Olive Boulevard (now Route 340) between University City and Creve Coeur Lake. It expanded faster following construction of Interstate 270 and U.S. Route 40. The lake and its associated park of the same name, which was the first county park in St. Louis County, is now part of Maryland Heights to the north of Creve Coeur.