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Common Squirrel Problems in your Home

You probably have sat in a window, or out on a porch and watched squirrels chasing each other; running up and down trees; up a telephone pole and onto a wire.  They are adept at climbing and balancing.  They are actually entertaining to watch.  Some folks even feed squirrels.  Well, they are thrown right off the cute list when they become a house guest that doesn’t pay rent.  They can actually cost a homeowner significant dollars instead.

Let’s think about how and why they decide to move in.  Squirrels are rodents.  Rodents have ever growing teeth and must continually chew to keep those teeth worn down.  Out in the wild, it might be tree branches, twigs, discarded wood, etc.  Once they land on your roof they might just find a spot that looks appetizing.  It could be a softened fascia board behind a weakened gutter.  Let the gnawing begin!  Before you know it, they have a hole large enough to enter that warm, comfy attic space.  Just right for nesting to prepare for the babies that are on the way. 

Now there’s a squirrel family inside.  Besides the mess of urine and feces; nuts, berries, leaves and twigs; there is the need to constantly chew.  They have the ability to chew through cable, telephone and electrical wires.  They will chew into pipes and anything else that looks yummy.  Unfortunately that could require expensive repair of utilities, or even worse, cause a house fire. 

To go with the early morning “Reveille” waking you up at 4:30 am or so, there are health risks involved with squirrel infestations.  Squirrels carry mites, fleas and ticks.  Those little intruders enter along with Rocket J. Squirrel and now you have other things to consider.  Tick related disease is on the rise.  A tick infestation of an attic space is a certain horror to fix.  Since squirrels are scavengers, they have walked through any number of bacteria infested areas and are now depositing that bacteria in your home.  At this point you’re re-thinking feeding those little cuties to watch them in the yard.  You just want them gone.

Squirrels can be tricky to trap and remove.  You don’t want to chance getting a bite from a squirrel.  Rabies can be a possible additional health risk.  Let the professionals at STL Pest Control take care of it for you.  Just call us today at 314-833-6222.  We’ll be right out to help.