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Raccoons in your St. Louis City or County Home

Raccoons are cute, furry animals.  They have a black mask on their face (much like a burglar), a bushy, stripped tail and pointed ears. Don’t let that sweet face fool you, they can be difficult to deal with once inside your St. Louis City or County home. 

These little bandits have five fingers on their front paws, much like humans.  They have the ability to open things just like us.  If you can lift the lid of your trash can easily, so can they.  If a window is partially open, they can open it further to allow entry.  They can open cabinet doors and drawers.  They can lift latches and turn door knobs as well. 

When temperatures cool and winter is upon your St. Louis City or County home, animals look for a better place to winter.  The heat our homes emit make them attractive to explore.  Without too much trouble raccoons can find a weak spot to enter and nest.  Maybe it’s an ill-fitting gutter with a rotting fascia.  Those dexterous fingers can tear into that area and open it up enough to allow entry into soffit or attic space.  They can pull apart flashing from chimneys or gaskets from roof vents to gain entry.   Once inside they contaminate everything with feces and urine.  They gather insulation and other materials they find to make a comfy bed as they get ready for the little ones soon to be born.  Now your animal infestation has multiplied.  A momma raccoon will have her babies in approximately 60-65 days.  She can have up to seven babies, but the average is three to four.  Baby raccoons are helpless and will not be able to fend for themselves for a few months. They stay with their mother through the first winter before striking out on their own.  Until that time, mother raccoon raises them on her own and is teaching them to climb, nest and forage for food.  She is a fierce protector of her young. 

Raccoons are nocturnal, so their coming and going can be disturbing to your sleep and peace of mind.  You might hear banging, running or bouncing overhead.  You might hear noises outside from banging trash can lids hitting the ground.  Since they are scavengers, they are always looking for a free meal.  It could be a nearby dumpster or garbage can. It might be a good idea to further secure the lid to your garbage can with bungee cords to keep them out. They can make a mess wherever they roam.  Tearing things apart and strewing the destruction all around.  In the growing season they make themselves at home raiding your garden or fruit trees.  As messy as they are, they prefer to wash their food before eating it.  They especially enjoy raiding koi ponds for a fresh fish meal………pre washed!

While they look cute outside running around, they can be nasty if cornered.  Remember, these guys can have rabies or distemper.  Don’t risk your safety. Stay away!  Call a professional for help.  STL Pest Control has the professionals and expertise to take care of those pesky raccoons.  Give us a call at 314-833-6222 for an appointment today.