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Are Ants a Problem in Your St. Louis Home?

At first you see just a couple on the front porch.  You don’t think much about it, there’s just a few, no problem.  This morning you stumble into the kitchen for that 1st cup of coffee and there they are……..a whole line of ants marching on the kitchen counter.  How did that happen?  Where did they come from?

Ants are the most successful household insect.  They can build enormous colonies with multiple queens, living in many different areas in and around your home.  A trip to the hardware or handyman store will reveal a host of solutions.  There are liquids, baits of all kinds, aerosols, dusts.  There are also lots of home remedies.  Bay leaves in drawers are supposed to work.  Sprinkling black pepper, cayenne or chili pepper, garlic, cinnamon, mint or cloves in the area where you’ve seen ants may deter them. These are just some of the home remedies you can try.  Scrubbing and cleaning will put them off for a shorter period of time and then they’re right back where you first saw them.

Treating with over the counter products or home remedies might work for a week or two.  You’ll soon notice ants in an entirely different area of your home.  Likely you’ve made the problem worse unless you want to continue sprinkling spices around the house. 

What are some of the factors around your home that might be contributing to the ant infestation you have?  Most often ants are seeking a moist, shady spot away from direct sunlight.  They will nest below concrete slabs like porches, patios, walkways and driveways.  You can usually find ants below a rock, in the mulch or around and under landscape timbers.  Sometimes ants will be infesting an outdoor potted plant.  Inside they can be found along and under the edges of carpeting, toilets, near pet food and water bowls, in cabinets, drawers and near trash cans. 

What can you do to help keep ants from becoming a constant, unwelcome guest at your home?  There are some things that will work with ants or any insect infestation.  As always, being neat and clean inside and outside will help more than most things you might think of.  Is there leaf debris around the outside of your home?  Do you have a wood pile sitting on the ground?  Do you have miscellaneous items stacked up against the house?  Are the flowers and shrubs touching the exterior foundation of your home?  Do you have heavy ground cover such as ivy growing around or up the side of your home?  All of these and many more might be contributing to ants invading your home. 

When the frustration level reaches your limit, call the professionals at STL Pest Control.  They are there to come to the rescue to eliminate ants and other insect infestations that are becoming the last straw. Just dial (314) 833-6222.  Help is on the way.