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Mosquito 411 

Summer front porch chats, bar-b-ques, picnics, camping!  Mosquito bites are part of life.  Depending on the individual they range from nothing, to a small red bump to an itchy, large lesion.  Understanding the what, when and where of mosquitoes may help minimize the problem at your home.

Mosquitoes vector diseases such as West Nile, heartworms, malaria, zika, encephalitis and others.

Mosquitoes feed on nectar, plant juices and decaying plant material.  The loud, obnoxious buzzing noise you hear is a male.  Since he is unable to bite, he’s just a nuisance.  In the mosquito world, like some other flying insects, only females bite.  Female mosquitoes take a blood meal in order to lay their eggs.  They lay eggs in or near water and can fly up to 9 miles in order to do so.

When at a picnic or other outdoor activity you might choose to wear light colored clothing and pastels.  Light colors are less attractive to mosquitoes than reds, blacks and other dark colors.  Beer drinkers at an outing tend to be bitten more often that others.  No one knows why.  Exercise is a good thing, but mosquitoes like sweat.  Pregnant ladies tend to get bitten more often as well.  Mosquito repellents will work for a period of time, but applying them to our body isn’t always what we want to do.

What can you do to minimize these uninvited guests at your home?  Eliminate any standing water.  It could range from a low spot in the yard that doesn’t drain after a rain to over watered plants in pots.  Grass clippings and leaf debris need to be cleaned up and disposed of.  Discarded items stacked or piled up around the property should be cleaned up and removed.

Since we can’t put a dome over homes and yards, a monthly mosquito service is the next best thing to keep them at bay and let you enjoy your exterior.  Treatment to the exterior of the home including plant life is vital.  Shady lawns with beautiful gardens are a mosquito playground and buffet.  Call STL Pest Control at (314) 833-6222 today to talk to a mosquito expert and set up a program for your home.