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How Can I Prevent Ants in My St. Louis Home?

St. Louis is too far North to be considered a Southern city and too far South to be considered a Northern city.  Insect activity is often related to weather patterns.  Due to our center of the country location, weather and insect activity is an inexact science at best.  This year is no exception. 

Ant activity has been evident for a few weeks already.  It’s hard getting up an hour earlier than we’re used to with the change to day light savings time.  We stumble into the bathroom to take a quick shower to be more fully awake only to find ants crawling on the counter top.  There’s no food in the bathroom………..why am I seeing these fellas upstairs?  The answer is simple, insects, like people need three things to survive.  Shelter, food and water.  Insects can get nutrition from things that wouldn’t be considered food to you and I.  Since they’re in the bathroom we know they have shelter and water.  Food?  That can be a simple as tooth paste residue on your toothbrush.  They can also derive carbohydrates or proteins from residual deodorants in clothing.  Don’t be surprised if you find an ant or two crawling on hanging clothes in the closet.

How can you prevent ant infestations in your home?  It’s important to keep things neat and clean both inside and outside of your home.  Leaf debris, wood piles and stored items against the exterior of your home can give ants a great place to gather and start a colony.  Once established it’s an easy entry through the tiniest gap into the home.  If you have pets there’s an endless supply of food and water right down at floor level.  No need to climb and search for crumbs.  Speaking of crumbs, be sure the counters are wiped down and free of crumbs.  It might be a good idea to clean out the crumb catcher on the toaster while you are at it.  The best cleaner to use when wiping down counters, etc. in the kitchen and bath, has an orange citrus additive.  The orange washes away the pheromone trail ants leave for their nest mates.  Those pheromone trails are communication lines letting others know where the food is.  I’m sure you’ve noticed ants following each other in a line.  That happens when the ants scouting out a new area leaves a message that this is a great place………..come on down! 

In general, ants enjoy anyplace that needs cleaning.  It’s important to clean the microwave, coffee pot, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, exterior of the cabinets, floors, etc.  While you’re at it, don’t forget the bathroom.  Just like in the kitchen, keep the counter-tops wiped down and dry. 

Are ants driving you crazy?  STL Pest Control can get after them and make them a thing of the past.  Call today at 314-833-6222 for an appointment.