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How do I handle rodents in my St. Louis home?

What do you think of when you hear the word rodent?  Mice and rats?  No one wants to see them, let alone have them living in their home.  Since they roam at night, you might not realize there is a problem until it’s a big issue.

Everything in your home seems to be going well and then you spot it………………spilled rice in the pantry.  Upon further inspection there is a gnawed hole in the rice box.  What could cause that?  Oops, you now see small black droppings about the same size as the rice.  Yes, you guessed it, you have mice.  It’s time to inspect the pantry and get rid of anything you see that appears to be involved.  What you’re not realizing is that those quiet, little feet mice run around on have been in places you might rather not know about and have left behind a veritable garden of bacteria on your shelves and food items.  Maybe you’ve come down with a stomach bug.  Is it really something you caught or is it the contamination from rodents?  You can clean thoroughly, but unless you break out a black light, you might not see the urine from rodents that have crawled across your silverware or dishes.  Did you think to wash the top of that soda or vegetable can?  I’ll bet none of us would think to wash the dishes or silverware until we see droppings in those areas. 

Your first thought is “I’ll go to the store and buy some traps, that’ll do the trick.”  After days of frustration you realize the snap traps don’t seem to be working.  Moreover, you’re now noticing droppings in other areas of your home.  Maybe it’s time to re-think the do it yourself method of rodent control.

Professional pest management technicians have been treating homes against rodent infestations throughout their career.  They are constantly being re-trained as part of their licensing.  They are up to date on the latest techniques and materials to rid your home once and for all of these disease ridden pests.  Our trained technicians will look for openings that have allowed entry into your home and, if possible, fix them to keep more from entering.  We may suggest exterior rodent bait stations to intercept them before they enter.  At STL Pest Control we have been protecting homes, health and the environment since 1989.   Give us a call today at 314-833-6222 and let us rid your home of these rodents once and for all.