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How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would say “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”?  These days you might just have bed bugs. 

Bed bugs can be very obvious, but occasionally it’s harder to zero in on what is going on.  For instance, you sleep peacefully and wake up feeling great.  Your other half, sleeping right beside you, has spent the night itching and scratching.  An inspection of his or her arm shows several bite marks, all lined up, red and swollen from all that scratching.  Both of you go into the bedroom and search the bed.  You find nothing.  Maybe it’s just a spider bite…………….next night………..same scenario.  Unlike when we were kids, these days your thoughts go right to what you fear most………….BED BUGS.

It’s important to understand a couple of things about bed bugs.  They don’t just live in the bed itself.  In studies they have been noted to be up to 16’ from the resting place, but certainly could be closer.  Bed bugs can hide in the night stand, dresser, box springs, bed frame, behind pictures on the wall, in a door or window frame, behind baseboards and any number of other places.  They are nocturnal, so it’s less common to see them during the day.  They feed only on blood.  They detect a blood meal by the carbon dioxide we breathe out and will quickly emerge, take a meal and go back to their hiding place.  Each bite you see is an individual bed bug.  They do not bite multiple times.  They will go to the first area of your body exposed when you’re at rest.  They do not search for the best spot to feed or look under covers.  Typical places for bed bug bites are on the side of your face, an arm and possibly part of a leg if left uncovered.  They will not climb up a sleeve or under the leg of your pajamas to find their food.   Bed bug individuals do not feed daily. 

If you decide to inspect your bed and other areas of your room there are some telltale signs you might look for.  Bed bug droppings are blackish in color and appear as little dots on the mattress or box springs, typically along the stitched edging.  You might see casting from bed bugs as they have shed their skin to grow, much like snakes or lizards.  It is the shape and size of a bed bug, but is whitish and crinkled looking.  Of course you might find a live bed bug as well.  They are good sized when fully mature.  They range from a light to dark rust color and are almost a diamond shape.  A fully grown bed bug is about the size of a pencil eraser.  While you’re looking, don’t forget to inspect the living room furniture as well.  Bed bugs are little hitch hikers.  They are easily moved from bed to couch to a different bed, etc.

Once you find an infestation you need a professional to rid your home of those critters that have been robbing your sleep and peace of mind.  Would you just as soon skip the whole inspection process?  Professionals will do that for you too.  Help is just a phone call away. 

STL Pest Control bed bug experts are there to help.  Call us today at 314-833-6222.  We’ll bring that good night’s sleep back to your home.