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Spring is a time of renewal and re-birth.  Grass is growing, trees are leafing, and flowers are blooming.  New births are all around. Just visit the zoo in the springtime and see.   

With warmer temperatures and the rainy season upon us, it’s time for the insect kingdom to come to life as well.  One of the biggest issues each spring is swarming termitesTermite infestations are responsible for major damage to homes throughout the United States costing homeowners $5 billion each year. 

Termites swarm in the spring when weather conditions are just right.  With most homeowners working there are times when a swarm on the exterior can be totally missed.  A breezy day will carry termites on wind currents allowing them to fall to the ground, mate, choose a new queen and burrow into the ground, and start a new colony.   If you’re lucky they will swarm inside so you realize something is going on.  They will be found in large numbers and will probably be lying dead unless you’re home when the swarm happens.  For the untrained eye, they will look like ants with wings.  You will probably notice there are lots of wings not attached to a body. 

How can you tell the difference?  Once you know what to look for it’s easy.  Ants will always have a segmented body and have antennae that are elbowed, or bent.  Termites have a body shape that is more cylindrical or cigar shaped with straight antennae.  Termite wings are generally twice the length of their body.  There are two sets of wings, equal in length that are white tissue like and rounded on the ends.  Winged ants will have two, uneven sets of wings that are just a bit longer than their body and the wings will not be rounded, but a bit pointed on the ends.  Ants will not drop their wings like termites do.

The good news is termite swarms happen typically only in the spring.  The bad news is that termites never sleep.  Even though there is no swarm to find, termites can be munching on your home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s best to have a peace of mind inspection of your home annually to uncover any lurking problems with termites.  Even better, have a preventive treatment to your home for that total peace of mind.

Call STL Pest Control today to have one of our termite experts inspect and/or treat your home.  It’s your biggest investment.  Protect it today!  Just call (314) 833-6222 for an appointment.