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Squirrels in your St. Louis Home

Who doesn’t smile when they see squirrels playing in the yard?  Neighborhood dogs and cats have a great time chasing them across the lawn or park only to fall behind and give up when the squirrel is faster and higher than they can reach.   It’s fun to watch them scurry up a tree and jump from limb to limb, tree to tree.  Sometimes, however, that last tree hangs over the house just close enough to allow them to hop onto the roof.  Trouble might be in store.

Squirrels live outside in tree nests for the most part.  Once the colder temps settle in they just might be looking for a warmer place to live; getting ready for spring and that new litter of babies.  Squirrels give birth between March and May, so with a 40-45 day gestation period, they are actively nesting by December and January at the latest.  Your St. Louis home might be in the midst of becoming a maternity ward for squirrel kittens.

When squirrels find or create an opening to get access into your soffit, fascia or attic space they utilize insulation and other materials they can gather to make their nest.  While they’re at it, they are contaminating the place with feces and urine.  Fleas, lice and ticks can be brought into your home along with a squirrel infestation.  Along with those issues, they are constantly gnawing and chewing.  Are they chewing on wiring causing unexplained outages in your home; not to mention a fire hazard?  Have they chewed a hole in an area that allows weather to enter, thus causing water damage to the interior?  Have their chewed holes allowed other animals and insects easy access to a warm safe home?  The cost of a squirrel infestation can be so much more than getting those cute little fluffy tails trapped and relocated.  As a homeowner you can just hear the cash register ringing as the cost of potential repairs goes up and up.

Once those babies are born,  squirrels protective of their young and can be aggressive in doing so.  It’s important to remember that they can be carriers of rabies.  It’s best to have a professional trap and remove squirrels rather than try hand to squirrel combat on your own. The professionals at STL Pest Control are ready to help.  We will humanely trap your unwanted house guests and relocate them to a place that’s safe for them and safer for you and your St. Louis home.  Call us today for an appointment at 314-833-6222.