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Why Do I Need Pest Control In Winter?

Brrr!  It’s so cold outside and we’re expecting snow soon.  I just went downstairs to put in a load of laundry and there was a big black roach walking across the basement floor.  Guess I can wait until it warms up.  There’s no reason to have my pest control company come out.  Bugs don’t survive the cold winter weather, right?

Let’s think about this a bit.  It’s warm inside, even in the basement.  We have everything we need to survive be it summer or winter.  Bugs need food, water and shelter.  We have all of that and more.  Since we have a comfortable environment, it is equally comfortable for all those creepy crawlies that might be hanging out at your home.  Spiders, roaches…..fondly called water bugs in the St. Louis area, silverfish, ants, you name it, they’re happy to share space with you. 

In addition to common insects, there are other insects that will seek a place to over winter.  Typically these little nuisances will find a spot that needs caulk or sealing and settle into a wall void or attic space.  On a bright sunny day you’ll see insects emerge.  Stink bugs, Asian lady bugs, cluster flies, boxelder bugs and any number of other so called dormant insects will come out of hiding hoping to “sun” themselves.  Unfortunately they might just wind up inside instead of outside in all that sunshine.  Preventive winter pest control might just keep them at bay and do them in as they come into contact with the residual material pest control technicians place during a routine treatment. 

There are any number of ways you can help keep your home insect free.  Winter pest control allows our technicians time to focus on the interior of your home, looking for problem areas that might need attention.  Maybe you need new weather stripping around doors or windows.  You might need to clear the floor of stored cardboard boxes to avoid rodent and insect infestations. 

Today’s pest control materials are formulated to biodegrade in a 90 day time period.  It’s important to keep up with your quarterly treatments so that we are re-applying protection as it degrades so you can avoid pest issues as much as possible.  Ultimately our goal is protect your home, your health and the environment.  Call STL Pest Control today at 314-833-6222.  Our professionals are ready to provide excellent winter pest control service for your home.