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Pest Control for Kirkwood Mo. 63122

Since 1989, STL Pest Control has been providing expert pest control solutions to the Kirkwood 63122 and the St. Louis area, protecting health, families, businesses and properties against pests of all kinds. We believe a personalized approach to your unique situation, along with utilizing the latest industry technology available, ensures positive results and long-term customer satisfaction. For comprehensive pest control all year long, we provide eco-friendly and organic solutions in Kirkwood MO. We promise to protect you, your family and your business by providing award-winning quality work and exceptional customer service that will allow you and your family to enjoy life pest-free. We have a vested interest in providing a safe, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your pest problems. Call us today at 314-833-6222.

At STL Pest Control, we’ve earned our reputation for how we treat pests, and also for how well we treat our customers. While our services and methods have continued to evolve since 1989, our values have not:

  • To embody the ideals of an industry leader by providing careful, conscientious, professional pest control solutions
  • To conduct business in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity and ethics
  • To make customer satisfaction our top priority

Kirkwood 63122, Missouri, was established in 1853 and today is a 9-square-mile community with a population of 27,540 (according to 2010 census information). Located in Southwest St. Louis County, Kirkwood boasts high property values, quality public and private schools, safe neighborhoods and exceptional City services. It’s called “Queen of the St. Louis Suburbs,” an honor Kirkwood has proudly accepted since the late 1800s. As the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi River, and an early railroad commuter suburb, Kirkwood 63122 owes its very existence to the railroad.

More than 300 acres of park land can be found throughout the community, from a large central park that includes an aquatic center, ice rink, outdoor amphitheater, ball fields, tennis courts, picnic sites, and playground areas, to smaller neighborhood parks. From the Greentree Festival, to Turkey Day Games, and the Magic House, Kirkwood is a tight-knit community with traditions for all walks of life.

Residential Services

  • Total Home Pest Control
  • Bed Bug Treatments
  • Wildlife Management
  • & More

Commercial Services

  • General Pest Management
  • Industry Customized Solutions
  • Mosquito & Bird Control
  • & More